Bo Kaap Street Scene
Wale Street Scene – Zaahir Booran & Qanita Bassier

The inhabitants of Bokaap are made up of both Muslim’s and Christian’s, but it is the place that forms the hive of where the Cape Muslim Community started. Bokaap has a unique culture which has developed over two century’s. There are definite influence of western culture and the people of Bokaap adjust accordingly with the ever changing world. Bokaap is home to a population of just over 6 000 people.

The people that form this exciting culture are the descendants of slaves from Indonesia, Java, Celebes, Bali from the Indonesian Archipelago brought over by the Dutch East Indies Company.

This does not imply that Bo-Kaap has remained pristine pure as Muslim area after two centuries of Islamic influence.

There has emerged a new culture, an interesting blend of the East and West. What Bo-Kaap illustrated is the dynamism of human life and how Islam adjusts to accommodate its adherent to a changing environment and a Non- Islamic culture.

Bo-kaap is a small residential area above the Central Business District. It has a population of over 6000 the majority of whom, more than 90%, are Muslim. Various people give Bo-Kaap. It is called Bo-Kaap, the Malay Quarters and Slamsebuurt.

The people of Bo-Kaap are proud of their homes. As you can see in the pictures below they’ve restored most of the old houses and they’ve added a bit of a modern touch to it too!

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