There are various airport bus services operates that operate between Cape Town International and the City Center. You can contact us for more information.

Public Transport: Buses and Trains are main form of transport. It’s an affordable means of getting around but please be cautious. Public transport enquiries 0800 656 436 (locally number).

Taxi: South African’s have converted the family microbus into an affordable means of transport called “Minibus Taxi’s”. There are formal boarding points such as above the Cape Town Station (Station Deck), but if you see one passing by, try to grab the drivers attention to stop. Getting off, inform the drive as well. Fares vary depending on which area you are heading to. Private taxi’s are available, they are listed in the telephone directories. Make sure that your driver understands fully your desired destination.

Car Hire: A number of car hire companies operate from the airport. Smaller companies also operate with great services at affordable prices which helps traveling students budgets.

Uber: You can travel safely in in and around Cape Town using Uber. Downloadn the App and use, you can pay by card or cash. Find out more here